April 2009 - Dave K found these old gems while spring cleaning


Lost Impala Photos 2008

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Sorry - don't remember who submitted these - think it was one of our friends from across the pond - was it Mike Platell?


The Canyons!

Following photos were taken by Gerten Prins - Thanks Gerten for sending these great B&W studies and color photos to us from The Netherlands!

These are homegrown - think I took this one in 1971 - always liked this shot

Is that the Dali Llama about to eat Ray's finger?

No caption needed

Dr. Lipp and Sam

1976 - 31 years ago - wish I still had that tractor - and the hair...

Dave looks the same though


Celebratory photo taken after intense contract negotiations

Always wondered why my son looks so much like Jeff

Thanks Red - you're still the man..

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