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Have you seen Lisa Lamberg's Photo Pages? 

Click the button on the Home page that says Lisa's Photos - a wonderful compilation of photos and descriptions  Thanks Lisa!

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Brother Dave Kerner is a great songwriter - check out his web site: - watch new video here watch?v=8tzc8c-ADdo


Rob Golove put together a very touching and impressive video for the 2004 reunion. 

Thanks Rob for the many hours spent creating these pieces!

Following are some excerpts:                                                                    Audio Files from Grease:

                                                                                                                                             All Shook up    Grease  Mooning

Great Video - I cry and laugh every time:  Montage Ending

How about a song - Summer Loving           Prophetic Craig R. Canteen Craig

An overview of plays - w/ Judy F. singing "Tomorrow"   12 - Plays-final

Cool Stuff -   14 - Talent       Announcements    11 - Opening Scene


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