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To the campers, parents and staff of Camp Impala -

Welcome to a trip down Memory Lane! 

        Of course, my memories go back further than yours so let me begin at the beginning.  I had been the Director of a Day Camp and Red and I loved horses and the country so it seemed like a great idea to get involved with sleep-away camping. We looked for many years at many different campsites and we were getting very discouraged because none of them appealed to us. Then we saw Camp Impala - Red checked around the grounds and I looked inside and in ten minutes we met, shook our heads in agreement and began one of the best parts of our lives. 

          The Chayt Family were the owners and they spent the first summer with us, introducing us as their partners but in reality we had bought the camp!   David was 13 years old and was a camper who didn't want anyone to know we were his parents - he wanted to be one of the boys! Steve was 16 and he was a Counselor - in - training! It was the beginning of a great summer and many summers to come- filled with excitement, wonder and great memories. .

            Through the years we shared many adventures and experiences, made many friends and loved it all. As I look at my photo albums of camp (which I do quite often) I am reminded of the shows, the special Sundays, Color War, trips and so much more.  The Kerner family was completely involved in all aspects of camp life and we loved every moment. We all speak so often of what Camp Impala meant to us!!

              Of course you make up the memories- and as we look at the pictures we remember you and wonder where you are, what you are doing etc.

Join us now on the Camp Impala website for a "Virtual Reunion" - and tell us about you - your memories of times together - what's up with you now!  We're looking forward to hearing from you!


The Kerner Family,
Fredda, Steve, Sheryl, David, Bayla - Lauren and Alex - and dedicated to the memory of Abraham "Red" Kerner without whom none of us would be so lucky to have these memories - thanks Red                

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Steve Kerner 2003



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