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Welcome to the Camp Impala Website


The 2009 Camp Impala Talent Show and Jam Session

Thanks to Jeff Birnbaum, Steve Bernstein, Dave Kerner, Craig Greengerg and "New Marty" on the drums for making some cool music.   Craig Greenberg is an amazing musician - check out his original tunes -

How would camp have been different if we had cell phones, facebook and You Tube back then?  Click the links below to see our You Tube videos and social networking on facebook. 

Join the Camp Impala Group - lots of rare pictures!



Linda's Game - 2008

Click here to see the video on You Tube created by Hilary's husband Pat!

Thanks to the Schoffel and Rudolph families for invititing the Impala friends to participate - great folks and an important cause.


Hope to see you there next year!

Above photos courtesy of the Beckett Family


5/08 New Links to Friends of Impala Web Sites

Lost Photos Page - May 2008 - just added!

Click here for Impala Mp3's

Impala reunion - 2004 - click here for Lisa's Scrapbook



Ok - everyone up for morning line-up!

Thanks for the memories!
Click here for more reunion photos

Greetings from Fredda - posing here with her newest toy!

Ha - actually it belongs to our buddy John - a beautifully restored '61 Vette.

Seems we've hit a "chord" with our friends - Adam Raizin sends his regards and this photo of him and his '52 Dodge Pickup - nice!  Check out his website

Pssst - he has an old "Captain Fantastic" Pinball machine too!

Check out the above links to see what Impala Alumni are up to in 2008

If you'd like your photos and info included, email steve @


Greetings from the Kerner family!  Since there is no longer a  physical Camp Impala, we've decided to create a "Virtual" Camp where Impala alumni can meet with old friends and reminisce about their                 experiences at Camp Impala!

Though it's been many years, we know that many of you have kept in touch and we do get calls and emails asking about the whereabouts of campers and counselors. Send us your email addresses and we'll post them on the site so you can email people individually or as groups. Go to the Camp  Bulletin Board and post a message!  

We miss you all and have wonderful memories of camp.  In retrospect, those were great years, spending our summers on the top of a mountain, playing sports and singing songs with good friends.  Looking forward to hearing from you soon.


The Kerner Family




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